Minggu, 08 Maret 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Vs Apple iPhone 6: Real-World Speed Comparison

Each time a new flagship smartphone announced the inevitable question began to emerge about how quickly, especially compared to the competition existing hardware. Now that the tip wellSamsung  Galaxy S6 and S6 and truly out of the bag, you will not find yourself wondering a bit about how it compares with, for example, the iPhone 6?

People Phone Arena wondering it, so while they are in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this week decided to put together a video showing the galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6contiguous put to the test. Although not very scientific and far from definitive, tests showed that both phones launched their integrated applications that include things like managing contacts and photos.

Although we do not believe there is enough to continue making a proper assessment of how the two compare flagship smartphone actually, Phone Arena Samsung Exynos 7420 believe that multi-core A8 beat Apple test, but Apple A8 won the single-core test but, once again, we think it's hard to tell the difference in speed in real life.

Whatever the outcome, even with heavy famous Samsung Android skinned, do not expect any of the new Galaxy phone S6 suffer when it comes to performance. The iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus has been very fast devices in their own right, and Galaxy S6 and S6 tip can not be different.